Life Awaits /往生

by Life Awaits

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Luke Greiner
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Luke Greiner With ball tearing riffs and huge vocals from the lads in Life Awaits, China wont need cheap labour to take over the world anymore. Hardcore is coming from China and it wants your scrotum. Favorite track: Empty.
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Bright Powerful hardcore music with good melodies. Great Chinese band!
Matt Huang
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Matt Huang Outstanding Chinese band! Beautiful melodies, perfect emotions. Favorite track: Empty.
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released January 31, 2016

All music and lyrics: Life Awaits



all rights reserved


Life Awaits Beijing, China

Vocals: Bai Yu
Guitar: Yimeng
Bass: Sha Long
Drums: Xing

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Track Name: Ignite
Years have gone
I can’t move on
I feel you by my side
I’ve been counting stars and chasing hearts but none of them is mine
I can’t stare into the mirror to see the man that i’ve become
I’m stuck here with this guilt inside me
and you’re forever gone

I tried to hold as emptiness consuming my should
on to this agony, complacency or the feelings i should feel
I guess that every word I speak is a part of you in me
I know someday things will be okay
but I will never feel the same

Light me up
Before my world is crashing down
Light me up
Your are my reason to be strong

For the things that i’ve done wrong or the coward i’ve become
Every night is a war against myself
I long for a chance to start it all again
And wash off the scars from every now and then
I tried running away from all my fears until fears found shelter in me

So let me go.
Track Name: Empty
When There's nothing left
I'm all alone with my debts
Waiting for someone who will never comeback
For all the devils in me
I'll bleed them all out to see
my aching innocence and honesty

I'm still here I will always be

There is no hope in these memories
Only my conviction
There is no sign to show you the way
I'm not content with this emptiness

Lost in the track of time
we never get by
What we've built and what we've sacrificed
We are blind and we seek
guided by lust and greed
fulfilling our lives with no meaning

Here we go again.
We bleed, we suffer, and we forget
Here we go again.
we're kind, we're loving, yet we ignore the rest

I bit my tongue and closed my eyes

I refused to let you in,in an ocean of regrets
I am drowning

I'd rather have nothing at all

I feel this bitterness taking over me like a noose around my neck

When will you ever learn to cherish the life that you have.
Don‘t live in your past
When will you ever try to confront the darkness before your eyes

And let the light
Track Name: In Descent
I'm still believing

This is for the broken, fallen of the uninviting moments
secretly hiding, awaiting , and sickened

There is a world in front of you
There is a world in front of me

I'm not afraid to reinvent
I'm only afraid of losing again

Will you risk everything for the unknown
Will you sail away all alone
Feels like the harder i try, the deeper i fall
Find a reason to believe

A world of apathy, dividing you and me

I'm still a dreamer. It's in my veins.
I've learned compassion. You'll find it in my pain
The hardest part is to move on
and give your all in one last song

Will you risk everything for the unknown
Will you sail away all alone
Feels like the harder i try, the deeper i fall
Find a reason to believe

In every word I speak and every heart i reach

destructed, deluded, the selves we created
The difference between you and us
is that i still give a fuck